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A company dedicated to grinding - with a special emphasis on the creep-feed grinding process.

About Spectra-Tech

The rapid growth of Spectra-Tech is based on the principle of total commitment to our customer's needs. This includes a special emphasis on solving customer problems as well as maintaining an excellent reputation for on-time delivery. Our other commitment is to grinding. Specialization allows us to offer a wide range of grinding services, and make the capital and personnel commitments necessary to be a leader.



At the heart of Spectra-Tech is creep-feed grinding

Creep feed Grinding, well established in Europe to meet quality and tolerance specifications, creep-feed grinding continues to grow in America. It replaces not only other forms of grinding, but also milling.


Some areas of successful applications are:

• Aerospace

• Automotive

• Electronic

• Medical

• Tool and Die Manufacturing


The materials adaptable to creep-feed grinding are many. They include: soft and hardened exotic alloys, steels, aluminum - even carbide, ceramic and plastics.


Rapid stock removal is accomplished by profile grinding with a crush roll, diamond roll, or by CNC dressing to the desired work piece configuration.


Other benefits include:

• Grinding can be done after heat treating, elimination distortion.

• Extremely tight tolerances are held throughout production runs.

• Most parts are finished by the grinding process - the need for deburring or other operations is minimized or eliminated.


Our creep-feed grinders are the finest in the industry. A key quality creep-feed production is proper featuring. At Spectra-Tech we have the engineering expertise to design or consult on fixtures or gages best suited for your project. Efficient fixturing also allows creep-feed grinding to be used effectively for short- run production.


Through-feed Grinding

Our in house Alplanalp grinders offer our customer's quality through-feed grinding. It gives us the capacity to economically grind large volumes of parts normally produced on Blanchard, surface or Double-Disc grinders.


OD Grinding (plunge form)

We can handle parts with forms 3-in. wide and a 4-in. OD. Our machines are Model 10 CNC - equipped Sheffield crush-form grinders.


Our Equipment

The type of grinders we operate include:

• Creep-feed

• Surface

• Through-feed

• OD


These precision grinders have up to 110 HP at the spindle. Most have programmable controls for fully automatic cycles.


QC Services

Spectra-Tech's fully equipped quality control department inspects every production run. If a part doesn't meet your tolerances, it isn't shipped!


Our Customers

Spectra-Tech range from some of the largest firms in the Fortunes 500 to local tool and die shops. What they all share is the need for quality grinding performed on precision equipment.


Your Invitation

Please visit Spectra-Tech at your convenience. We will be glad to give you a complete tour of our plant and answer any questions you may have on our grinding processes.



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