Creep Feed Grinding

Creep Feed grinding allows a hardened work piece to be machined from the solid in a single pass, replacing milling, broaching or other types of grinding. Because creep-feed grinding can handle parts in the hardened state it is a cost savings to the customer.


Creep Feed grinding also eliminates multiple costly secondary operations that are required with other machining processes. The end result is a time and cost savings to the customer. With creep-feed grinding the process can be started with the heat treated parts and then ground to all the features to exact specifications often in one operation with a single pass.


Conventional grinding involves a grinding wheel reciprocating rapidly over the work piece as it gradually lowers to its final depth of cut. Creep-feed grinding is a process where a formed grinding wheel is plunged into the work piece, slowly producing a finished part or form in a single pass.


The ability to machine all steels, alloys, super alloys, ceramics and fully hardened materials.


Fewer manufacturing steps shorten lead times and reduce need for work in process and finished goods inventory.





Aspects of creep feed grinding include:

• Large amount of stock removal from hardened material in a single pass.

• Improved fatigue resistance from mild residual compressive stresses.

• Grinding can be done after heat treating, eliminating distortion.

• Eliminate time consuming and costly secondary processes.

• Replaces milling, broaching and other types of machining.

• Close tolerances can be held in production

• Superior surface finishes

• Good Repeatability

• Minimal burrs


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